Board of Directors 2017

Brain Injury Association of Missouri, Inc.


David Dyck, DO                                                          President                                              2013 – 2015 1st term     Director                                                                                                                                   2016 – 2018 2nd term
Midwest Sports Medicine Physicians                                                                            
Independence, Missouri                                               


Denise Holt, MS, CCC-SLP                                        Vice President, Administration              2015 – 2017 1st term
Parent of Survivor of Brain Injury                                                                                            
Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital
Springfield, Missouri


Renee Sargent-Harrison                                             Vice President, Nomination                   2014 – 2016 1st term
President, Sargent Construction Company                                                                                  2017 – 2019 2nd term
Family Member of Survivor of Brain Injury
Fredericktown, Missouri


David Ransin                                                              Treasurer                                             2014 – 2016 1st term
Attorney                                                                                                                                  2017 – 2019 2nd term
Ransin Injury Law
Springfield, Missouri


Lauren Schwarz, PhD, ABPP-CN                               Secretary                                              2015 – 2017 1st term

Assistant Professor
Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Saint Louis, Missouri



Travis Brown, MA, MEd, CAA                                                                                                 2015 – 2017 1st term
Retired, Concussion Prevention Advocate
Florissant, Missouri


Stephanie Cooper                                                                                                                     2012 – 2014 1st term
Parent of Child with Brain Injury                                                                                               2015 – 2017 2nd term
Executive Director
Douglas Community Services
Hannibal, Missouri


Clayton Fenter                                                                                                                         2015 – 2017 1st term
Retired, Community Volunteer
Chesterfield, Missouri


David McArthur, Jr.                                                                                                                 2015 – 2017 1st term
USMC Retired
Survivor of Brain Injury
Arnold, Missouri


David McArthur, Sr.                                                                                                                 2015 – 2017 1st term
Father of Survivor (Moose McArthur)
Lemay, Missouri


Jose Pineda, MD                                                                                                                      2015 – 2017 1st term
Director, Neurocritical Care Program                                                                                                                
St. Louis Children’s Hospital                                                                                      
Saint Louis, Missouri


Tim Wadman                                                                                                                           2013 – 2015 1st term
President/CEO                                                                                                                         2016 – 2018 2nd term
SSM Rehabilitation Network                                                                                        
Family Member of Survivor of Brain Injury
Bridgeton, Missouri     


Ex-OFFICIO, Past-President

Eric Hart, PsyD
Clinical Associate Professor
Director, Adult Neuropsychology
Department of Health Psychology                                                                                            
University of Missouri-Columbia

STAFF                                                                                                                        Meeting Dates 2017

Maureen Cunningham, CFRE                                                                                       February 11    
Executive Director                                                                                                      April 8
Brain Injury Association of Missouri                                                                             June 10
Saint Louis, Missouri                                                                                                   September 9 December 9

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